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URL :  Tall Street - Help The Little Guy Recommend to a Friend... 
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TallStreet.com is a new search engine concept where users make investments, with fictional money, in their favourite websites and the rankings are determined entirely by the users.

Detail : 

TallStreet.com is a new search engine concept where users make investments, with fictional money, in their favourite websites and the rankings are determined entirely by the users.

On Tall Street.com, the websites at the top of the results are those that are best able to inspire their users to make investments in them, this tips the balance in favour of the passionate little guys.

TallStreet.com has a fair ranking system, everyone gets an input into the rankings. If you think a site doesn’t belong, you can mark it as spam. If you find a site that is better then what is showing as the best then you can sign
up and invest in it. If you’re right and other people agree, then you’ll make more money and have more influence over the directory. This is in contrast with traditional search engines where its difficult to say exactly how the rankings are determined but it seems like a few of the popular websites determine the rankings of the whole internet and
your average user (who doen’t have a website) gets no say at all.

Membership on TallStreet.com entitles you to become a trader where you trade the search results like a stock market. Membership is instant and free. Trading is easy and fun.

More Information: [url]http://www.tallstreet.com[/url]

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Date : Tuesday, 09 January 2007 / Wednesday, 10 January 2007
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