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Kopikol  Recommend to a Friend... Top Rated Digg-Like  L'usine à bon liens, disposant d'une des meilleures communauté du web francophone.
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Waxy.org: Links Miniblog  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Killer Fun  Recommend to a Friend... 
The most fun you can have on the internet.
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The Daily WTF  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Attu World  Recommend to a Friend... 
Attu World
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MilkandCookies - Sorry, We are Open  Recommend to a Friend... 
An archive of memes from sarcastic, pop culture geeks about humor, video clips, independent media, music, technology, toilet humor, television, politics, risque behavior, bloopers, celebrities, cults and religions.
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Alt Text | Weblog of Ben Edwards on design, culture, politics, technology, and more.  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Look At This...  Recommend to a Friend...   
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OpticalPoptitude.com  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Popular Sites  Recommend to a Friend... 
Are you bored? I-Am-Bored.com lists places to go when you are feeling bored.
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American Inventor Spot | Best American Inventor Site  Recommend to a Friend... 
Best American Inventor TV Show Site. Everything you want to know about the American Inventor TV show. Active and lively forum, great reviews, episode guides, videos, photos and the most popular discussion site on the web. Free Invention Gallery
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robot wisdom weblog  Recommend to a Friend... 
jorn barger's daily log of the best reading on the Net
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The Presurfer - Your Daily Dose of Diversion  Recommend to a Friend... Top Rated Digg-Like 
A weblog with daily links to the most unusual, weird, funny and entertaining sites on the net
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Flabber | Weblog  Recommend to a Friend... 
Elke dag een paar bijzondere, interessante, sexy of humoristische posts.
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COGMIOS.NL - life during WW4 and WWW2.0 (home of Cogmios)  Recommend to a Friend...   
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MonkeyFilter  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Metafilter | Community Weblog  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Geisha asobi blog  Recommend to a Friend...   
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LinkDumps  Recommend to a Friend...   
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