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Wobble / top stories  Recommend to a Friend...   
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unalog: Unalog!  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Staralicious  Recommend to a Friend...   
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SpyMy / top stories  Recommend to a Friend...   
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 Recommend to a Friend... 
Shoutwire is the latest community based internet news website. It allows the community rather than a news editor to submit and review news content on the site.
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Shoutwire.com » Internet News for the Masses  Recommend to a Friend...   
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reddit.com: what's new online  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Pauls Tips - Lifehacks  Recommend to a Friend... 
What I ve learned about life and how it can help you.
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NewsCloud.com - news for an open society  Recommend to a Friend... 
NewsCloud.com is an open community for sharing news and video
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kick.ie - Tracking the best of the Irish web.  Recommend to a Friend... 
kick.ie is a community based Irish news site edited by our members.
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Hypediss » Index  Recommend to a Friend...   
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HuaChao & June  Recommend to a Friend... Top Rated Digg-Like  The website is aimed to share and transfer knowledge with you. the contents include:Dota AllStars, Buy Direct From China, DHGate,Work At Home. ASP.net ....
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Hot links  Recommend to a Friend... Popular Digg-Like   
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Findory : Blogs  Recommend to a Friend... 
Personalized Information: Recommendations for news, blogs, video, and podcasts
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FARK.com: Tech links  Recommend to a Friend... Top Rated Digg-Like   
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Error Occurred While Processing Request  Recommend to a Friend...   
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digg / All  Recommend to a Friend...   
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chuquet  Recommend to a Friend...   
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ChangeThis :: ChangeThis  Recommend to a Friend...   
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Bluegger  Recommend to a Friend...  Bluegger est un site permettant de consulter automatiquement les actutalités de nombreux sites ainsi que les articles a la "Une" des "digg like" francais comme fuzz, scoopeo etc...
Bluegger Vous permet également de publier vos propres articles en cliquant sur le bouton publiez.

Un site collaboratif!
 Certains articles sont publiés automatiquement. C'est le cas de tous les articles qui ont recus un nombre de votes suffisant (sur fuzz, scoopeo etc...). D'autres articles sont eux publiés dans les articles en attente, il faudra que d'autres internautes votes pour ces articles afin qu'ils parviennent en première page.

 Site communautaire, bluegger vous invite aussi a commenter les articles, discuter avec les membres et vous faire des amis!
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